Best Tennis Vibration Dampener

Best Tennis Vibration Dampener

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Tennis is a fun sport, but it can always be better than it is. For instance, do you play tennis with a vibration dampener on your racket? You should if you do not. This dampener reduces the vibration on the racquet’s strings. That means you will not hear the annoying sound you hear when you play this beautiful game. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to choose a good vibration dampener. Here are the qualities that the best tennis vibration dampener would have.

It Should Function Properly

This quality is the most important when it comes to this device i.e. it has to function properly. For example, it should reduce the vibration of the strings considerably. Some dampeners lessen this vibration by as much as 70%. Doing so is possible if your dampener stabilizes the racket by increasing the tension of the strings. You should look for one that dampens while still maintaining good feel. 

It Should Be Aesthetically Pleasing

As mentioned earlier, tennis is a beautiful game where aesthetics matter. For example, the tennis lawn is always as beautiful as possible. A dampener should also reflect the same aesthetic value that the game of tennis cherishes. Get yourself an attractive one that will be the talk of the tennis court. Usually players get dampener colors that compliment or match their racquet.

It Should Be Easy To Install

You cannot put a vibration dampener anywhere on the racket. It has to be on the outside of the crossed strings’ pattern. More specifically, you can install it on the string bed's bottom/middle of the racquet face. You should not have too much trouble but sometimes this can be hard doing it for your first time. Should not take more than a minute. This may cost you some valuable time if you have to place it on the racket as a game is about to start or switching it out in the middle of a match/practice.

The Best Tennis Vibration Dampener Should Be Cost-Effective

The price of a vibration dampener varies depending on the manufacturer, the retailer, and the quality of the product. The average price of a good one ranges from $7 to $11. However, you might find some dampeners costing as high as $50. The price of some of them is as low as $3. Examine the features of the product and not the price. Do not buy an expensive dampener that performs in the same way as an inexpensive one. Amazon has so many different options and shows this wide price range. 

It Should Be Unique

Sometimes, people carry rackets that look alike when going to play tennis. Telling them apart is difficult. At times, you might go home with someone’s racket. Using a distinct dampener helps you avoid such scenarios. It should be so distinctive that someone cannot mistake yours for his, this is hard to avoid because so many people use dampeners.

It Should Be Durable

The best tennis vibration dampener reduces the ping sound made by your strings as you play this wonderful game. However, this function takes a toll on the dampener. It will not last forever even though it will last for a long time. You should go for one that will last for the longest period possible. Should not rip down the middle of the dampener and split in half. Now you know the qualities of the best tennis vibration dampener. Use this information to purchase the most suitable one for you. You will be happy with your choice if you follow the tips mentioned here.

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