Lead Tape For Tennis Racquets: Pros and Cons

Lead Tape For Tennis Racquets: Pros and Cons

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In order to give their racquet the ideal feel, many tennis players today will use lead tape for tennis racquets. Tennis is the best game in the world because it teaches you discipline, endurance, and strategic thinking. For example, you have to hold your racquet in a particular way for a proper thrust. You cannot win the game if you do not exercise control over your racquet. Having a powerful swing is also important when it comes to playing tennis. Sometimes, the problem could be the racquet and not you. A good example is a racquet whose weight is insufficient or not consistent when having the same racquet in your bag. You can do something about such racquets e.g. adding lead tape to enhance their performance. Doing so comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. Here is some information on lead tape for tennis racquets.

Critical Information on Lead Tape for Tennis Racquets

Lead is soft and malleable. In fact, producers of this tape mold it into strips so that you can use them without much trouble. You can even cut them into small pieces with a scissor. It is important to note that you can use these cuttings to adjust the weight of the racquet to your preferred standard. In its pure form, lead is light blue in color, but it turns gray when exposed to air. That is why the color of the tape you use is gray. Buying lead strips should not be a problem for many because of their inexpensiveness ($10-$20). However, finding these tapes is another matter. You would have to look for them in tennis specialty stores, as ordinary sports shops do not stock them.


Benefits of Using Lead Tape to Add Weight to the Racquet

As mentioned earlier, this product has its advantages. For example, it adds power to a player’s swing. Remember, the force of a moving object increases in proportion to its mass. That is Newton’s second law of motion. Additionally, lead strips enhance the stability of your racquet as you use it. The added weight means that the racquet cannot swing off its chosen path. In other words, the wind or an improper thrust cannot affect it as much as it would have if it did not have the lead tapes.

Disadvantages of Using Lead Tape

Increased power to a tennis racquet is not always a good thing. Remember, a racquet is a tool in your hands. It will affect your arm as much as you affect it. To put it differently, adding weight to it harms your arm. Excessive weight might cause injury. More specifically, it may strain your wrist. Moreover, using lead tape may throw you off your game if the added weight is not symmetrical. If it is asymmetrical, then the racquet will lean on one side as you thrust it forward when it should not do so. Not only is the preciseness a disadvantage but to even attempt is also. The amount of tools you need to do this correctly include, scissors, scale, pen, ruler, lead tape, and regular marking tape just to name a few. Here is a complete set of what you need to add lead tape to a tennis racquet. Instead, however you could try out the best tennis vibration dampener available today, the one that allows you to accurately and instantly change the weight of your racquet without the lead tape mess.

 It is clear that adding lead tape to your racquet has its set of advantages and disadvantages. Think about the merits and demerits of doing such a thing before you do it. If you can play tennis well without lead tape, then do not add one to your racquet. If you choose to put it on your racquet, then do so carefully. 

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For more information on how to add tape see the video below. 

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