Tennis String Thinkness Gauge

Tennis String Thinkness Gauge

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If you are thinking of becoming a professional tennis player, one important thing to understand is tennis string thickness. Various reports by credible institutions have revealed that the main reason many people fail to transition from amateur to professional tennis is because of choosing the incorrect tennis string. The type of string gauge you choose will impact your performance. There are many different types of strings on the market. Most people, especially those who are still new to the game, find it confusing and overwhelming to pick the right string gauge. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of tennis strings, the importance of gauge thickness and the best brand available on the market.

Types of Strings

There are many types of strings in the tennis world. Strings come in natural gut, synthetic gut, polyester (poly), and nylon being the most widely used. There are also strings made from kevlar, vectran, and polyolefin. Players in the past usually preferred natural gut, synthetic gut, or nylon. Natural gut being the most expensive string in the world being made from real animals. Nowadays, players are using polyester string because of advancements in the string game. The polyester gives you an extra pop and spin on the ball. Here is a detailed look into all three. 

Understanding tennis string thickness

If you ask any successful professional tennis player what has contributed to their success, the one of the things they mention is string thickness and type. Tennis strings usually range from a gauge of 15 to 18. 15 is the thickest and 18 is the thinnest. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a gauge of 15 is stronger and more durable. 18 gauge would give you more feel but break much faster. They do not last as long when compared to those with a thicker gauge. Most companies usually use 16 gauge string because it is durable and gives the player control and comfort when playing. In other words, thinner strings offer improved playability while thicker strings offers enhanced durability. 




Luxilon the best brand

A professional tennis player going on tour needs a tennis string thickness that will give them power and control of the game. The type of thickness they choose will determine how they perform in the game. Luxilon, a renowned Belgian company that has built its name manufacturing quality tennis strings, is the most popular brand. In fact, 95% of the top 50  players from the men’s tour use Luxilon strings or a combination of another string and Luxilon. Luxilon has become very popular because their strings provide perfect tension maintenance and a good feeling for players of all skill levels.  Their tennis strings are not only comfortable but they also give the player more control and power when playing. This is why we prefer their strings to Babolat. hey have the best overall feel and the pros agree.


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