The Advantages of Using Tennis Shock Absorbers

The Advantages of Using Tennis Shock Absorbers

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Tennis is one of the most enjoyable games in the world. That does not mean it is free of challenges. For example, you may hit your shin as you follow through on a serve. Sometimes, the ball sticks in the net. Double faulting is also an annoying mishap for many tennis players. However, most of the challenges in this sport revolve around a player’s racket. These difficulties include tennis string vibrations from repeated contact with the tennis ball. Another common problem is a medical condition known as tennis elbow. A tennis shock absorber solves these challenges. Here is a comprehensive analysis of how a tennis shock absorber solves them.

Rules of Vibration Dampeners

You can have one or multiple dampeners in a specific area on the racquet. It must be below the last string horizontally. The United States Tennis Association explains exactly where that is. 

It Captures Vibration

Technically, vibrations are oscillations that occur in a body after something interferes with its state of balance. In this case, hitting the ball interferes with the equilibrium state experienced by the tennis racqet. The oscillations that occur after this interference affect the player. More specifically, they act as an additional force that the player has to deal with as the game proceeds. Remember, grabbing an oscillating object is difficult. Now imagine holding it throughout an entire game. A tennis shock dampener captures these vibrations so that they do not interfere with the player’s ability to use a racket effectively. 


It Prevents Tennis Elbow

Tennis is not a contact sport so the injuries experienced by players are few. However, these injuries are still serious and preventing them is an excellent idea. One of the most common conditions faced by players in this sport is tennis elbow. It occurs when the player overuses his arm muscles resulting in elbow pain. You cannot grip a racket as you normally would if you have this condition. As mentioned earlier, string vibrations in the racket work against you causing your arm to work harder than it ought to work. A tennis shock absorber dampens these vibrations by reducing their intensity and frequency. In other words, it restores the strings to their equilibrium state.

It Eliminates the Ping Sound

Playing tennis requires a lot of concentration because your opponent uses various techniques to throw you off balance. Vibrations in the strings create waves in the air. These waves cut through the air producing a ping sound. It happens every time you hit the ball. Stopping these unnecessary vibrations stops the waves from cutting through the air. Consequently, the ping sound reduces or disappears. Some players like the ping sound, it is player preference. TENNIS magazines speaks about impact the dampener has on sound. 


Players Who Use a Tennis Shock Absorber

Professional players understand the advantages of a tennis vibrasorb. In fact, top players including Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal rarely play a game without it. The number of Grand Slam titles won by Rafael Nadal total to fourteen, making him tied for the 2nd most majors in history with Pete Sampras. Rafael Nadal however does have a winning record against the leading major holder, Roger Federer, with a 23-12 head-to-head record. Novak Djokovic is near with 12 grand slams which put him in 4th place amongst all major winners. These shock absorbers must be useful if highly successful players consider them worthwhile throughout their entire career.

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