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  • Is the POWERSORB legal in play?

Yes! The Powersorb is legal in all tennis competitions. From Juniors to the Pros. 

  • What level of play is the (+) best suited for?

There is no limitation to age or level of play.

  • What potential benefits are there with the (+) ?

Gives you the ability to accurately change the weight of your racquet instantly during play.

  • Why are there different weight options?

POWERSORB offers you different weights (3g, 4g, 5g, & 6g) that give you the ability to change your weight within seconds. You can add more weight or reduce the weight depending on your preference. 

  • How much is the correct weight for you?

This is personal preference but also you now have the ability to change the weight and racquet head speed depending on the situation of play or just how you feel that specific day. Thats the beauty of the POWERSORB.