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  • What is a POWERSORB?

POWERSORB is the first and only Weighted Vibration Dampener.

  • What level of play is the (+) best suited for?

POWERSORB can benefit anybody. There is no limitation to age or level of play.

  • What potential benefits are there with the (+) ?

POWERSORB gives you the ability to accurately change the weight of your racquet instantly during play.

  • Where do you place it on your racquet?

POWERSORB is placed under the last horizontal row on the strings of the racquet. (Same place as normal tennis vibration dampeners)

  • Why are there different weight options?

POWERSORB offers you different weights (3g, 4g, 5g, & 6g) that give you the ability to change your weight within seconds. You can add more weight or reduce the weight depending on your preference.